Partners of Detrius D. Louis Ministries will join hand in hand with Pastor D. Louis to evangelize worldwide. With the help of partners, DDL Ministries can see prayer and faith working together through multiple channels. The scope of DDL Ministries’ extends to those who may never step foot into a sanctuary, yet still have the opportunity to have a God changing moment no matter where they are. This cannot happen with just one individual alone, rather it can be obtained by the joint efforts, prayers, and financial support of our partners.

As a DDL Ministries partner you will receive a monthly letter via email from Pastor D, exceptional products, unique offers, and much more. In addition, you will receive exclusive downloads, virtual teachings and messages created specifically for partners. DDL Ministries Partners will be informed on what their financial help is going to and how partnership with DDL Ministries is being effective worldwide.

If you choose not to become a partner but wish to donate to the ministry so that we can continue to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ simply click the donation button.

Partners will make a commitment to give financially every month and can do so via recurring giving or via mail at PO Box 80108 Shreveport LA. 71148

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