Pastoral or Prophetic Training- Click the below link to register.

Pastoral and Prophetic Mentoring will encompass January 2021-August 2021 once monthly via webinar. Topics are wide ranging and will help you discover your prophetic or pastoral gifting. Materials and recordings will be provided with every session with registration that includes a workbook.

Also as an added bonus your registration allows you all access to our September 2021 Strength Conference & you will have the opportunity to participate in an affirmation service once you successfully complete your training. **The overall span of training is 9-10 months and some sessions may be doubled into one in order to complete all the training before the affirmation service.**

Topics (below) include but not limited to will help you activate, discern, obtain a better grasp of the prophetic and as a pastor. 

The Context of the Prophets , Prophetic Language, Prophetic 101, Seer As Prophets, Prophetic Dreams, Prophetic Numerology , Pastoring 101, The role of a Shephard vs. Hireling, Finding your Voice, (plus many other sessions) 

**Registration for early bird is $249.00 and all registration is non refundable.**

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Pastoral & Prophetic Registration